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How Can You Deal with the Stress of Setting up your Own Business

16. 08. 2015Author: Alexandra John

To become a strong woman entrepreneur, you need to first become a powerful woman. This is because setting up your own business and running it will time and time again expose you to high levels of stress.

How Can You Deal with the Stress of Setting up your Own Business

Amongst the many things you need to know regarding becoming a successful woman entrepreneur, one of the key things you need to know is the way of dealing with the stress of setting up your own business. There may be nights when you wake up thinking you did not do much today to achieve your dream of becoming a woman entrepreneur, you may experience loss of appetite, headaches and backaches due to pressure of running around doing groundwork, tension of meeting up with suppliers, etc. The greatest source of stress is probably the inherent risk involved in running your own business.


As a woman entrepreneur, you will pretty soon realize that building your business and working each day to sustain it requires you to have what they call ‘nerves of steel’. You have to develop the ability to survive during turbulent times, face risks head-on and manage the stress that comes along the journey.


Even though the life of a woman entrepreneur may be stressful, here are a few tips that will come in handy by enabling you to manage your stress and turn it into the energy that will one day make you a woman who is the owner of a successful start-up:


  • Develop your tolerance for ambiguity – a great technique for handling pressure and the common ‘fear of the unknown’. It is a key trait women entrepreneurs have which determines their success as it allows them to stay focused on the goal while looking out for new opportunities, gathering information to make changes in their path.


  • Do not let fear cripple your ability to think. Just focus on the principle that every problem has a solution; every lock has a key. As a woman entrepreneur, you need to be able to process your fear in a rational way, which can be done by focusing on solutions to the problem in hand and moving ahead step by step.


  • As you begin your journey towards becoming a woman entrepreneur and initiate your own business set-up, there may be set-backs. Take them positively because trial and error during the early phase is better as you have lesser to risk.


  • Becoming a woman entrepreneur requires you to differentiate between factors within your control and those out of your control. Acceptance of this crucial differentiation can do much for bringing your stress levels down.


  • Keep a time slot vacant for yourself and consume it for relaxation and to pamper the woman that energizes the entrepreneur in you. You may take up any activity you desire; even a jog around the park or a gym work-out can prove to be relaxing.


  • Stay away from self-pity; especially refrain from playing the ‘weaker gender’ card! You are a woman, a strong woman on her way to become a woman entrepreneur; someone who can successfully set-up and manage her own business. Take responsibility for your own endeavors and think positively.


Stress is not always a bad thing; positive stress can ignite a renewed sense of purpose and self-motivation that may provide you the right amount of push you require to become a successful woman entrepreneur.




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