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Woman Entrepreneurs – Keeping Motivated

16. 11. 2015Author: Alexandra John

Keeping motivated, especially if you have distractions in your home and have children, may be difficult, but it can be easily managed. It is so easy to think “I’ll do that later” rather than organising your time to ensure you keep on top of your business.

Woman Entrepreneurs – Keeping Motivated

One of the most helpful tools is to learn to manage diversions and establish routine in your day. This routine puts parameters and helps you to manage your endless checklists when running a successful business.

Establishing routines:

Determine when you achieve your best work and create a work schedule around this time. At this time commit to working uninterrupted on a regular basis. This could mean waiting until the children are at school so you have a quite house, or committing some evening hours if you are working full time, even using the weekend. You need to cater for your own scheduling needs and commit to these times.

Write a “What I have to do list”

Break down work into tasks – it appears less daunting! – And list them, ticking them off as they have been done. This helps for you to keep a check on what you need to do and what you have completed. Write the list at the beginning of your working week list what you need to do for the week and break it down into daily tasks. (Or the days that you commit to working) during the week revise and update though tasks until you are completed. Mark those that need to take priority and ones that could be done another day. And also a ticked off list is great for motivation!

Breaking down larger tasks into smaller tasks makes it easier to work through rather than procrastinating over what seems like an impossibility. This can be deemed as “divide and conquer”!

Place you “To do” list in a prominent place

Place your list on a wall or prominent place where you are working to remind you of what needs completing. This helps to keep you focused.

Asking for help

There are so many consultants and coaches who can help you overcome hurdles and challenges. Often sometimes someone from outside the business with experience and expertise can see things more clearly than you can. A good business coach can help you set targets and how you can achieve those aims.

Get yourself out!

Getting yourself out and about and talking to people, real people, and real customers can be a great motivator. Selling in person rather than on the internet or the telephone can be an exciting challenge.

And if you fancy something different? Go and help someone else, perhaps another female business owner and try to help them in a positive, productive way. The feeling of helping others can help you self-motivate yourself in a lovely warm feeling way!





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