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Investments Such As ‘Prize Bonds’ Can Earn You Massive Passive Income!

04. 01. 2016Author: Alexandra John

Can you think of anything that could earn you extra income to help around the house with the kids’ educational expenses, groceries? Are you just struggling to make ends meet every month? There could be no one in the world that would not jump at the chance of earning some extra cash so why are you any different?

Investments Such As ‘Prize Bonds’ Can Earn You Massive Passive Income!

If you just look around yourself, you might not just find one but several opportunities and ways to earn some passive income apart from the job that does not pay you enough?

Everyone, at one time or the other, complains about their job, the way their boss treats them, the work that they handle and how they are not being appreciated or paid enough. It is not a hidden fact that women are more inclined towards earning extra income not just, because they need their occasional beauty touch-ups but they are more conscious about the future.

If you look at the current economic statistics, there are more and more single, working moms pushing themselves every day to make their lives and their children lives much easier than men who just have the responsibility of making their way up the career ladder and spend whatever they earn. Very few of these family men are conscious about the future and take extra measures to secure their and the lives of their loved ones for a better future.

Several ways to earn passive income have been proven around the world and are as follows:

  • Cashback on Credit Cards / Rewards
  • Online Reward Programs
  • Airline Miles
  • Paid Surveys
  • Selling Items through Websites such as eBay
  • Etsy for selling Crafts
  • Retirement Savings Using Tax-Advantaged Alternatives
  • Stock Dividend Investing
  • REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust)
  • CD Ladders
  • P2P Lending (Peer-to-Peer)
  • Annuities
  • Prize Bonds & Bond Interest

Investments have been historically proven to save you a lot of money. It is actually a source of passive income because you are not materially participating into earning that money. The only thing you do is deposit an amount on the terms and conditions of a fixed deposit and you will earn interest every month in the form of passive income. One other way is to invest in prize bonds; Prize bonds are a great and a low-risk way to earn massive passive income.

When you compare all the above options of earning massive passive income, you will come to understand that prize bonds are the best way to earn extra cash with no risk at all. You just pay to buy some prize bond coupons and if you do not win the money; you can get back the cash you paid for those prize bonds. If you are considering stock dividends, selling your items online or any reward programs, then these options might not promise you cash anytime soon. In fact, the stock / dividends are too risky of an investment and you might end up losing all the cash you thought would be secure and would help you earn passive income.

If you are unclear on the concept of bonds and prize bonds then this might help. A bond is the payment for debt where you being the loaner to the government or institutions, collect interest. Each year, you will buy a set of bonds (long-term) with a fixed interest rate paying you high returns over a long period. As soon as the bonds are due, you can use those proceeds to buy another set of long-term bonds. In contrast, prize bonds let you buy a series of bonds and on a few specific dates every year, you might win a cash prize if the serial number of your bond matches with the number in the lucky draw. Usually, the prize money is a huge amount of cash, which might just set you for life.

According to a recent survey, the savings rate in the United States of America and the European countries are much less when compared to the Asian and Middle-eastern countries. The project of bringing PLS accounts (Public Saving Accounts) was in process for long. Although, several banks in the U.S. and the European countries offer savings accounts to their account holders, the saving rate still does not seem to rise to a level compared to the other parts of the world. The low saving rate has led to the country’s reserves drying out faster than ever. Prize Bonds have been becoming popular now as they guarantee a massive passive income with nothing to lose. In fact, the money you invest when buying prize bond coupons is invested in the country’s economy until the time you wish to draw out your income. This process will help you as well as your country’s reserves flourish. Your prize bond investments are even secured by government regulations so you do not have to worry about losing your investment.

An article by Brendan Moore published by on April 21, 2014 titled “Americans Continue to Enjoy Saving More Than Spending” outlined that the majority of Americans enjoy saving than spending money, the percentage distribution being 62% for savings to 34% for spending. It also says that the saving-spending gap is the widest when considering the trend from 2001. However, many U.S. economists still dialogue over the fact that the saving rate is still not at the level it should be and there need to be greater awareness projects to promote savings in the American culture.

The article also outlined the saving statistics by households that are at an income level of less than $20,000 a year and those with greater incomes. The income bracket comprising people with incomes less than $20,000 a year favored to 73% savings over 21% of spending. This gap narrows further as we move to the higher income bracket i.e. households earning more than $20,000 a year. The survey also indicated that white people are more open to spending than saving money whereas the non-white are in the majority that prefer savings to spending.

What we have come to understand from the survey is that as the savings trend is becoming more popular in the United States of America as it has been all over the world, people are finding new ways to earn passive income that does not just cover their expenses but secure their futures. Bonds / Prize Bonds are the most likely way to earn massive passive income with little to no risk at all and therefore, you need to start saving by investing into prize bonds as these guarantee massive passive income.

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