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Giving your business the right face

You will learn how to strengthen your brand and create a good reputation, even when you encounter negative feedback. In this regard, clever use of social media may be of invaluable service. Social media and branding are a most fortuitous and fruitful combination.

That’s why a considerable portion of this guide is dedicated to practical advice, tips and tutorials how to work with this type of media and how to draw support for your business from it.

  • Support for your business
  • Important advice for your business
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  • Practical advice

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I own an online business, and lately I have been trying to find ways to market my products and brand. After reading Alexandra John’s book, Giving Your Business The Right Face, I feel like I have a much better understanding on what needs to be done.

Creating a successful brand is not easy, and Alexandra doesn’t claim it is. What she does do is provide 10 invaluable tips to beginners on how to market and strengthen your brand and reputation.

From social media and internet presence to creating original logos and building a good reputation, this book will teach you exactly what you need to know to develop your business successfully. Alexandra’s writing is easy to understand and she explains the concepts thoroughly so everyone can grasp the ideas.

I would recommend this book to all who have a vision and a dream, but don’t know exactly how to make it a reality.

Cathy Miller

You know how when you find something right, you should stick to it? Well, this is what I experienced after I purchased Rich and Successful by Alexandra John. I have always wanted to start my own business, but I didn’t have the business acumen I needed to truly succeed. Reading the Rich and Successful put me on the right track to learning the basics and formulating my own plan for success. I recently bought Giving Your Business the Right Face and I must say that the wealth of information within the pages are priceless. From building your business to branding, John covered everything essential in entrepreneurship. Kudos to a wonderfully enlightening set of books!

Lisa Ritter

I´m opening shop with clothing and this ebook is very helpful for me!

Laura  |  clothing
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