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“Hello, my name is Alexandra John...”

Hello entrepreneurial woman,

at first glance, it might not seem likely, but you and me – we’ve got a lot in common. Perhaps you’re from London, Tbilisi or Manila. Maybe you’re not very fond of cats and maybe your hair is longer than mine. I can only speculate on all of that, of course. What I can be perfectly certain about, though, is that no matter where in the world we live, what interests we devote ourselves to, no matter our stance in life or length of hair, there’s one thing that connects us – our passion for entrepreneurship.

You’re one of the extraordinary women who can’t stand being in a single spot for too long. Those who always yearn to create, help, transform and be useful. You’re used to doing ten things simultaneously and to get done more than your whole family combined. You’re creative and resourceful and see possibilities where others didn’t see any. All of us have that in common. You see, it’s really not important whether we live hundreds or thousands of miles away or what specific path we’ve chosen in our lives. What is important is what we all carry inside.

Here’s my path: I started by founding an online business, moved on to various senior roles in marketing and sales and then, together with my husband, founded Meriglobe Capital House – an international company that mentors and nurtures entrepreneurs. But it would be out of character for us, restless women, if I didn’t want to reach still further. And so I decided to start Meriglobe Women Club – a company focused on supporting and inspiring women who want to start their own business. Part of it is this website. Its role is to provide a mix of advice, information, help, inspiration, courage and especially reassurance that you’re not alone in this.

Thank you for being here.
It means that your and my restlessness – or passion, as I prefer to call it – is meaningful.

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